Budget Instructions

NEBS Rates

The rates for division vehicles will be established during the Governor's recommended phase of the budget process.  Once the rates are established the Budget Division will automatically update all budgets using the approved rates.

    Utilization Guidelines - SAM 1407.0

    Delivery of Vehicles

    Delivery dates on vehicles vary due to contract and manufacturing guidelines.  The estimated time for delivery of vehicles approved in the budget will begin in December and continue through June.

      Requesting a Long-Term Assigned Vehicle

      Determine the type of vehicle needed.

       To request a long-term assigned vehicle, submit a MP-5 form to the Carson City office.  Prior to submittal, please follow these steps


      • Review your agency's mission and the tasks you are trying to achieve by leasing a vehicle
      • Focus on what the vehicle needs to do, where does it need to go, how many people does it need to transport?
      • Does it need any specialized equipment?  For example a camper shell, tool box, lift gate, etc.
      • Do you really need four-wheel drive?  Does it need to be a specific color? 
      • Click on the vehicle schedule link for a complete list of vehicle types offered.
      • Does the vehicle meet the utilization guidelines in SAM 1322?
      • Please contact the division administrator for any questions or concerns at (775) 684-1880 or CarsonFleet@admin.nv.gov 


      Review the vehicle schedule

      View the vehicle schedule to determine the vehicle type your agency needs.  If  the type of vehicle your agency needs is not listed on the schedule, contact Robbie Burgess for assistance.  You may contact him by phone at (775) 684-1883 or by email Robbie at RDBurgess@admin.nv.gov. 

      Enter the request in NEBS

      The agency must enter each vehicle they are requesting into the NEBS system.  Follow the steps listed below to enter the vehicles.  The vehicle class Code must be entered in the vehicle description.


      • Select the vehicle type - this is the vehicle's rental class from the vehicle schedule 
      • Input the estimated monthly mileage.
      • Input the number of months of usage (Note: Year 1 - enter 6 months, Year 2 - enter 12 months)
      • Enter "new" for license plate.
      • Enter the vehicle description - you must enter the vehicle class code from the vehicle schedule plus a brief description of the vehicle e.g., C-101 Compact Sedan LV.
      • During the budget process, your agency will be notified by the Budget Division to submit a MP-5 form.