Contact Info

Reno Facility
(775) 688-1325


Normal hours

The Reno-Tahoe Airport does not allow the division to park and wait for passengers at the terminal.  Driver's flying into Reno will need to call the Reno office and notify them of their arrival.   Please leave a message with your name and phone number.  Driver's are encouraged to call for the shuttle after they have picked up their luggage.

    Shuttle bus

    The shuttle bus picks up at the designated shuttle pick-up location which is located directly north of the baggage claim area.


    • Follow airport signage from the terminal to the baggage claim area
    • Exit door "D"
    • Shuttle bus will stop along the curb outside door "D" located north of baggage claim


      Return a vehicle

      The driver will return the vehicle to the Reno facility.  Reno personnel will transport the driver to the terminal.

        After hours reservation

        Vehicles reserved after normal business hours will be parked at the Airport Plaza Hotel. 

        Upon arriving at the airport, the driver will proceed to the information kiosk in baggage claim (located after the third baggage carousel). The driver will use the BROWN phone and dial 217 for the Airport Plaza Hotel and request a shuttle pickup.  The driver will exit the doors that indicate the shuttle bus pickup area.  Once at the Airport Plaza, the driver will go to the front desk and tell the clerk his/her name and that he/she is here to pickup a Motor Pool vehicle.  The driver will sign for the vehicle and then receive a set of keys.

          After hours returns

          Vehicles returned after normal business hours must be returned to the Airport Plaza Hotel.  Please do not park the vehicle in the parking garage at the airport.


          • The driver will park the vehicle in the yellow curb painted spaces directly in front of the Airport Plaza Hotel.
          • The driver will take the keys to the front counter and tell the clerk he/she is dropping off a Motor Pool vehicle.
          • The Airport Plaza will then shuttle the driver to the airport.