Hertz Reservation

When a reservation has been made with Hertz, division personnel will contact the person listed on the MP-2 form and notify them that the driver has a reservation with Hertz.  The contact person will receive the Hertz confirmation number and instructions on how to pickup the Hertz vehicle.

    How to pickup a Hertz vehicle

    The driver needs to take the McCarran rental car shuttle to the rental car center, please follow the signs to the shuttle pickup point. 

    Once at the rental car center the driver will proceed to the Hertz counter.  The rental car agent will need the confirmation number or driver's name to access the reservation.  Under no circumstances should the driver have to present a credit card.

      Where to drop off an Hertz vehicle

      The driver will return the vehicle directly to Hertz at the rental car center.  The driver will take the McCarran rental car shuttle back to the airport.

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