Long-Term Assigned Vehicle Program

The division offers a wide range of vehicles for state agencies to lease on a long term basis.  The fee structure is based on a monthly base fee, plus a mileage charge.  The rate includes all costs associated with operating the vehicle e.g., fuel, insurance, maintenance, etc., (exceptions: neglect, abuse, insurance deductible if the agency is found to be at fault in an accident).

    To request a long-term assigned vehicle

    To request a long-term assigned vehicle, submit a MP-5 form to the Carson City office.  Prior to submittal, please follow these steps.

    • Review your agency's mission and the tasks you are trying to achieve by leasing a vehicle.
    • Focus on what the vehicle needs to do, where does it need to go, how many people does it need to transport?
    • Does it need any specialized equipment?  For example a camper shell, tool box, lift gate, etc. 
    • Do you really need four-wheel drive? 
    • Does it need to be a specific color?  
    • Click on the vehicle schedule link for a complete list of vehicle types offered. 
    • Does the vehicle meet the utilization guidelines in SAM 1407?    
    • Please contact the division administrator for any questions or concerns at (775) 684-1880 or CarsonFleet@admin.nv.gov

    New vehicle delivery dates

    Delivery dates may vary due to contract and manufacturing guidelines.  Typically new vehicles will be delivered  December through June.  Please keep these dates in mind when anticipating delivery of your vehicles.

      Interim vehicle requests

      Interim requests for a long-term assigned vehicle are filled utilizing vehicles assigned to the short-term rental pool.  At times the vehicle you need may not be available.  The division will do our best to provide you with a vehicle that satisfies your need.  Contact the division administrator for availability of a vehicle.  If a vehicle is available, the agency must submit a MP-5 form to the Carson City office.

        Reporting requirements

        Agencies are required to submit a monthly trip report (MP-3) to the Carson City location for each vehicle assigned to their agency.  Reports are due by the fifth working day, after the end of the month.  Late fees will be assessed beginning the sixth working day.

          Vehicle maintenance

          Division vehicles are serviced every 5,000 miles.  The Carson City office to schedule a service.  Rural locations (Elko, Ely, Tonopah, Fallon etc.) need to contact the Carson City office to make arrangements for service.  Any abnormal tire wear, body damage, fuel, oil or water consumption or other irregularities should be reported as soon as possible to the local office.  All maintenance requests must be authorized in advance by the division.  Vehicle maintenance expense is covered under your lease; there is no charge to the using agency.

            Non-reimbursable vehicle expenses

            The following expenses are not eligible for reimbursement from the division.

            • Running out of fuel
            • Lost of misplaced keys
            • Additional sets of keys
            • Parking charges
            • Towing (when not the result of a mechanical failure)
            • Failure to obtain fuel at designated State fueling facilities (except for emergencies)

            Agencies are expected to maintain the vehicles in a clean and presentable manner.  Agencies not maintaining the vehicles in a clean and presentable manner may be charged for the cost of detailing the vehicle.

              Smoking and pets

              Per SAM 1302-0, smoking is prohibited in State vehicles.

              Animals are prohibited in division vehicles, except service/assistance animals.


                The agency/driver is responsible for notifying the division within 24 hours of an accident.  The agency/driver is responsible for obtaining all police reports related to the accident and completing the State accident report (see Risk Website).  The agency will be responsible for the deductible of $300.00 if it is determined the agency's driver is at fault.  The charges will be added to the agency's bill.