Carson City Reservation Procedures

    How to reserve a vehicle

    Reservations can be made:

    The driver is required to have a current drivers license in his/her possession in order to receive a vehicle.  Failure to provide a valid drivers license will result in denial of a vehicle.


    In order for us to process your reservation as accurately as possible, please follow these simple steps:

    • Fill in all information on the MP-2 (rental request) form or account authorization (online reservations) form.
    • Include a contact name, phone number, fax number and email address of a contact person.
    • Please note arrival and departure times in am and pm.
    • Check that the coding boxes have been completed.

    Helpful reminders:

    • Travelers flying from Las Vegas to Carson City on commercial airlines will need to make their reservations at the Reno location.
    • One-way reservations must be approved in advance.  There may be an additional charge for one-way reservations.
    • Drivers should familiarize themselves with the fueling locations in rural or out of state locations before departing on their trip.
    • SUV's and 4WD vehicles are in high demand during bad weather conditions. Reserving these types of vehicles in advance is recommended as they might not be available for a last minute reservation.

      How to cancel a vehicle

      Reservations must be cancelled PRIOR to the arranged pick up time.  A reservation can be cancelled by any of the following.

      • Online at
      •  Email the cancel request. Include the drivers name and date of travel. Email:
      • Call the Carson City location (775) 684-1880.
      • Fax the MP-2 form with the word cancel on it to (775) 684-1888.

        Pick up a vehicle

        Vehicles reserved for pickup during normal business hours of 7:00 am to 7:00 pm must be picked up at the Carson City facility.  Vehicles reserved for pickup outside normal business hours must be picked up the previous workday.  The reservation will be dispatched on the date and time noted on the MP-2 form. 

        At the time of pickup, the driver must present a current drivers license.  The driver will be issued a set of keys to the vehicle he/she has been assigned.  The gas cards for the vehicle are located in the glove compartment. Reservations made with an outside rental company will be picked up at the rental company.

        Important reminders:

        • The driver is responsible to return the keys and the gas cards.  Failure to return all items issued with the vehicle will result in the agency being charged for the replacement of the item(s).
        • Per SAM 1302 smoking in state-owned motor vehicles is strictly prohibited.  The division will charge agencies a fee for cleaning vehicles that have been smoked in.  Violations will be reported to the agency head and may result in denial of future rental privileges.
        • Any damage to the vehicle must be reported when the vehicle is returned.

          Drop off a vehicle

          Vehicles must be returned to the Carson City location unless prior arrangements have been approved by the division.

          Drivers returning after normal business hours will need to make prior arrangements to leave the vehicle at an arranged drop off spot.

          Vehicles picked up at an outside rental company will be dropped off at the rental company.

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