Las Vegas Reservation Procedures

The Las Vegas facility is our busiest short-term rental site.  During peak travel periods and outside of normal business hours, driver's may be provided a vehicle from a contracted rental car provider.

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    How to reserve a vehicle.

      Reservations can be made:

      The driver is required to have a valid driver's license in his/her possession in order to receive a vehicle.  Failure to provide a valid drivers license will result in denial of a vehicle.

      In order for us to process your reservation as accurately as possible, please follow these simple steps:

      • Fill in all information on the MP-2 (Rental Request) or account authorization (online reservations) form.
      • Include a name, phone number, fax number and email address of a contact person.
      • Please note arrival and departure times in am and pm.
      • Check that the coding boxes have been completed.

      Helpful reminders:

      • The division shuttle bus picks up at the zero level.  
      • Enterprise and Hertz utilizes the McCarran rental car center shuttle bus.
      • One-way reservations must be approved in advance.  There is an additional charge for one-way reservations.
      • Drivers should familiarize themselves with the fueling locations in rural or out of state locations before departing on their trip.
      • Do not fax the flight itinerary for the driver in lieu of the MP-2 form.

        How to cancel a vehicle

          Reservations must be cancelled PRIOR to the arranged pick up time.  A reservation can be cancelled by any of the following.

          • Online at
          •  Email the cancel request.  Include the driver's name and date of travel. 
          • Call the Las Vegas location (702) 486-7050
          • Fax the MP-2 form with the word cancel on it to (702) 486-7042.

            Contact Info

            Las Vegas Facility
            (702) 486-7050