Short-Term Rental Program

The division offers short-term rental vehicles at each of our three locations: Carson City, Reno, and Las Vegas.  All three locations offer a variety of vehicle types, fueling, maintenance and car washing.  To reserve a vehicle please submit a  completed MP-2 form via email or fax to the location where the driver will be picking up the vehicle.


The division has three locations available for travelers - Carson City, Reno and Las Vegas.

    Fuel cards

    The division provides fuel cards for all vehicles.  The cards are located in the glove compartment of each vehicle.  The driver does not need to keep a receipt.   For detailed information on fueling procedures click on the fueling link.

    Non-Covered expenses

    The division covers most costs associated with the daily pool vehicles.  Any costs incurred by the division as a result of the following will be billed back to the agency: locking keys in a vehicle, lost or misplaced keys, towing (when not a result of mechanical failure), running out of gas .  Parking tickets, traffic citations or failure to obtain fuel at authorized fueling facilities (except for emergencies) are the responsibility of the driver or agency as designated by the using agency's policy.

      Cargo vans and box trucks

      The division now has the ability to rent box trucks and cargo vans.  Please contact any of our locations for information on these types of requests.


        Complaints received by the division regarding persons driving a state vehicle will be documented and forwarded to the head of the using agency.


          Drivers are prohibited from smoking in state vehicles.  Drivers smoking in the vehicles may be reported to their agency head.  A fee will be charged for cleaning vehicles that have been smoked in.


            Animals are prohibited in the vehicles, except service/assistance animals.  Transporting unauthorized animals will result in a cleaning fee being assessed.