Budget Instructions

NEBS Rates

The rates for division vehicles will be established during the Governor's recommended phase of the budget process.  Once the rates are established the Budget Division will automatically update all budgets using the approved rates.

    Utilization Guidelines - SAM 1324

    Delivery of Vehicles

    Delivery dates on vehicles vary due to contract and manufacturing guidelines.  The estimated time for delivery of vehicles approved in the budget will begin in December and continue through June.

      Budget Instructions

      Fleet Services Schedule

        Expenditures associated with vehicles leased from the Fleet Services Division are charged to Category 03 – In-State Travel.  New and existing long-term vehicle lease requests for the new biennium must be entered in the Fleet Services schedule by July 13.  New vehicle requests must  be submitted to the Fleet Services Administrator documented via the MP-5 form (see below).  The Fleet Services schedule in NEBS contains only estimated costs of vehicles on long-term lease.  Daily rentals (or those less than 30 days in duration) should be budgeted under the Category 03-line item GL 6210 “FS Daily Rental In-State”.

          Existing Long-Term Leased Vehicles

            Agencies should enter Category 03 expenditure budget requests for each vehicle currently on long-term lease from Fleet Services that they plan to continue long-term lease in the upcoming biennium and list the license number associated with the vehicle currently leased. 


            • If an agency plans to discontinue the long-term lease of a vehicle in the upcoming biennium, enter the vehicle type with license number and enter zeros in the mileage and zeros in the # of months columns.  Schedule text should indicate that the vehicle on long-term lease is being discontinued.
            • NEBS will be updated with base year average monthly mileage for current Fleet Services vehicles on long-term lease late in the first calendar quarter.  Agencies should review the monthly mileage to ensure the amount reflects mileage usage for the base year.  Any changes to monthly mileage must be justified.  Please reference State Administration Manual (SAM), Section 1324 (Vehicle Utilization  Guidelines) for information regarding vehicle categories and complying with vehicle utilization requirements, especially the minimum monthly mileage for long-term leased vehicles.  The Fleet Services Administrator may reallocate vehicles between agencies or users based upon actual vehicle miles driven in order to optimize fleet utilization, particularly when vehicles are not compliant with minimum mileage utilization requirements. NRS 336.030


              New Vehicles for Long-Term Lease

                All requests for new long-term leased vehicles must be received by the Fleet Services Administrator via completion of an MP-5 form by July 1st.  Agencies requesting new vehicles should:

                1. Please reference the Fleet Services Division’s website for a detailed listing of vehicles offered by rental rate class.  Determine the type of vehicle needed and include the following information on the MP-5 form as applicable:
                  • Review your agency's mission and the tasks you are trying to achieve by using a long-term assigned vehicle.  
                  • Focus on what the vehicle needs to do, where does it need to go, how many people does it need to  transport?
                  • Does it need any specialized equipment?  For example: a camper shell, toolbox, lift gate, etc.
                  • Do you really need four-wheel drive?  Does it need to be a specific color? 
                  • Will the vehicle meet the minimum utilization guidelines in SAM1324?
                  • Contact the Fleet Services Division for any questions at (775) 684-1880 or CarsonFleet@admin.nv.gov
                2. Complete and submit an MP-5 form to Fleet Services no later than July 1st.   Fleet Services will review all requests and contact the agencies with confirmation of the MP-5 request.  On or before July 13th the agency must enter the request into the NEBS fleet schedule.
                  • Enter the new vehicle(s) in the NEBS Fleet Schedule
                    • Attach the MP-5 form(s) to the request(s) in the NEBS Fleet Services schedule using the “text and   attachments” sticky note button.
                  • Enter the decision unit associated with the request, the region the vehicle will be primarily based out of, the vehicle type as indicated on the approved MP-5 form, the estimated number of months needed (see “d” below), and the estimated number of miles that will be driven per month. 
                  • Enter a vehicle description if a specific type is being requested.  The “agency identifier” field is for agency use and can be any information helpful for the agency to identify each specific vehicle.  Enter “New” for License Number.
                  • If the vehicle request is approved by the Legislature, it will take approximately 6 months for the agency to receive the new vehicle; therefore, only 6 months should be included in Year 1 and a full 12 months for Year 2.  This gives Fleet Services time to purchase and the agency to receive the new vehicle.  If the agency will require the use of a vehicle prior to the time the purchase can be made, calculate estimated costs for daily rentals and enter them under the Category 03-line item GL 6210 “FS Daily Rental In-State”.
                3. Notify Fleet Services if any vehicles requested via MP-5 forms will be withdrawn from their biennial budget request.  This helps Fleet Services in reconciling MP-5 forms with NEBS budget requests.


                  Vehicles Added after July 1

                  Notify Fleet Services and complete an additional MP-5 form if additional vehicles are added after July 1 (for example, if a position is added during the Legislative Session, and that position requires a vehicle).