Services Provided

Long-Term Rental Vehicles

The division offers a wide range of vehicles for state agencies to lease on a long-term basis.  The fee structure is based on a monthly base fee, plus a mileage charge.  The rate includes all costs associated with operating the vehicle e.g., fuel, insurance, maintenance, etc., (exceptions: neglect, abuse, insurance deductible if the agency is found to be at fault in an accident).

Short-Term Rental Program

The division offers short-term rental vehicles at each of our three locations: Carson City, Reno, and Las Vegas. All three locations offer a variety of vehicle types to meet the driver's needs.

Car Wash

The division provides full service car washes at the Carson City and Reno locations; all other areas require the use of private vendors. Agencies that own their own vehicle can use the car wash services at these locations for a fee.  Agencies using car washes provided by a private vendor are limited to two washes per month per vehicle. Only basic washes are authorized.  Any detailing or waxing services must be approved in advance.

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

The division provides maintenance and repair services for all division owned vehicles. In addition, the division provides maintenance services for agency owned vehicles.

Roadside Assistance

The division provides roadside assistance for all division owned vehicles.  The division will provide roadside assistance to agency owned vehicles for a fee.


The division will assist any agency with questions regarding purchasing of vehicles or equipment, vendor selection and/or any other issues an agency may have regarding vehicles.


    If you have any questions or concerns about the division's operation or the services we provide please feel free to contact us to set up a personalized training session.