Short-term rentals are billed per day plus mileage and are based on a 24 hour rental period.  An hourly charge is applied for rentals that are returned up to three hours after the 24 hour period.  After the three hour period, the per day charge is applied.

Long-term assigned vehicles are charged a per month fee plus mileage.

Click on link below to get PDF version of rates.

Rates FY2020
Rate Tier  Per Month Per Day Per Mile
Compact Vehicle $187.00 $37.34 $0.19
Intermediate Vehicle $206.00 $38.84 $0.20
Premium Vehicle $289.00 $41.38 $0.21
Specialty Vehicle $346.00 $43.32 $0.22
Law Enforcement Vehicle $334.00 N/A $0.21